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liquid paste automatic weighing and filling machine

The model liquid paste automatic weighing and filling machine can be used for the quantitative packing of liquid and paste material,the powder and granules and irregular shape material also applied.On the basis of existing configuration,other more matching equipment can be added according to product packaging requirements, the liquid paste automatic weighing packaging unit or liquid paste automatic weighing and filling production lines can be realized.

The liquid paste automatic weighing and filling machine advantages
1. famous brand PLC control system,touch screen,interface friendly
2. six stations or eight stations type as option bag width and packing speed easily adjusted.
3. automatic detection and safety monitoring function,strict control packaging process,packaging quality
4. lack bags or bag mouth is not opened,stop filling
5. filling material is incomplete,stop sealing
6. door of feed bin is opened,stop running and alarm light (selection)
7. no printing ribbon,stop running and alarm
8. sealing pressure is insufficient,shutdown and alarm
9. sealing temperature is abnormal,shutdown and alarm
10. 304 stainless steel /316 stainless steel material is used in the contact part of the equipment and material

The liquid paste automatic weighing and filling machine functions
Automatic bagging - automatic printing date - automatic bag mouth open - automatic metering - automatic filling - automatic sealing - output finished product.The equipment is composed of a automatic bag giving type packing machine and an automatic metering machine.Our factory provide the auxiliary equipment and also design the production lines for users.All models are customized according to your needs.

The liquid paste automatic weighing and filling machine technical parameters






Metering device

10 head computer combination scale

Vertical auger scale


6 / 8

Bag material


Bag types

Stand bag,spout bag,three side sealing bag,four side sealing bag,handbag,zipper bag

Bag size

W:100210mm ??L:100350mm
W:200300mm ??L:200550mm

Packing range

Within 1kg




?Packing speed


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