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Automatic flour powder packaging machine high quality supplier

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Automatic flour powder packaging machine BYB-480 series

Supporting kinds of granules,such as the:seed,fertilizer,cereal,chemical granules and medicine granules

fine powder quantitative packing machines
,pouch food powder filling machine,large bag food additive powder automatic weighing machine

Displayed model complete the feed material,metering,filling,printing,bag making,packing,output finished products automatically.

The machine material,functions and packing range,speed,support bag types,size etc.,are designed based on your packing requirement.

In the same series,we had different models which applied to the different packing range.All the models has the same features including high speed,first-class quality,famous brand PLC and Touch Screen,store 10 different packing parameters,etc.

Automatic flour powder packaging machine technical parameters

Model: BYB480/BYB630/BYB780LDPE/BYB1080 Max weighing: 2500g/3000g/5000g/20000g

Pouch Length: 50-300mm/50-450mm/200-450mm/400-900mm

Pouch With: 70-230mm/100-300mm/120-380mm/300-520mm

Film Coil With: 140-480mm/200-630mm/240-780mm/640-1080mm

Output Per Minute: 25-55bpm/25-55bpm/25-40bpm/5-25bpm

Powder: 220v-380v/50HZ/60HZ/1/3Phase 5-9KW(Customized)

Other more similar packing machines: powder material packing machine we produced :small bag/large bag flour material packing machines,powdery material vacuum packing machines,automatic and semi-automatic powder filling machine,chemical/food/medicine powder automatic packing machine units and packing lines,etc.,are our advantages . Automatic flour powder packing machine high quality manufacturer,perfect after sales service and experienced .

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