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Australian users visit and order Ba Yue automatic granules weighing packing machine

Update time:2018/3/13 8:49:00 View:59

Two days ago, our Australian cooperative partners come to our plant. Our business manager ask the companions to have a look at convenient and efficient automatic granules packaging equipment, granular material weighing packaging machinery, granular material weighing packing lines, and some other classic automatic filling sealing machinery.

We display Australian visitors granules weighing packing machine packing step. Our automatic granules weighing packing machinery draws cooperative partners curiosity as a result of its feeding, filling, sealing, printing and packing.

Automatic granules packing machine is particularly designed for all kinds of grains sealing. The sealing machinery is particularly designed for agricultural and sideline products processing, food industry. Our business manager display Australian cooperative clients automatic granules weighing packing machine assistant machinery, like bag-take packaging machines so on.

Australian cooperative partners indicate their tendency to club together with Ba Yue for joint development.

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