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American purchasers visit and customize utility automatic granules weighing packaging machine

Update time:2018/3/12 15:53:00 View:56

Last Friday, some American partners come to our factory. Our executive ask overseas purchasers to watch our automatic granules packaging machines granular material packing lines, granular material packing units and other representative automatic filling packaging machine.

Technical colleagues demonstrate American purchasers granules weighing packaging machine sealing step. Our automatic granules weighing packaging equipment draws cooperative partners concern owing to its function of automatic making bag, opening bag, filling and sealing.

Automatic granules weighing sealing equipment is appropriate for various kinds grains filling and packing. The machinery is applicable for daily chemical, food, medicine industry. In addition,our business manager display American cooperative clients automatic granules weighing packaging machine ancillary machine such as robot palletizer and so on.

American customers express their desire to contribute to cooperation with our company to offer mutual benefit and achieve common progress.

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